Unusual Gift Ideas for Him

After a certain point, we get tired of gifting the same old clichéd gifts for birthdays. It’s fine when we gift these completely expected gifts right off the gift section in a store for a co-worker or an acquaintance. But, when it comes to boyfriend, we’d like to go the extra mile and get him something that he would remember forever. Such personalised and unique gifts are super risky but totally worth it at the end. Well, we’ve combined the perfect list of unusual and awesome gift to give your man on his birthday!

We have all given a coffee mug as a gift at one point or the other. But, a coffee mug that looks like a camera lens will not only surprise him but also add that little bit of quirkiness in his everyday routine. This will especially please him if he is a photography addict, always walking around with a camera around his neck.

For all the guys who are Harry Potter fans, we have the perfect gift for them! How does a life-size wand sound? Amazing right? But it gets even better. A magic wand which doubles as a remote control! It can be programmed to recognise basic wand movement for simple operations as well! Now his ‘swish and flick’ can come to life while his eyes light up with joy.

If he is a sweet tooth who loves his chocolate, then we’ve got the perfect gift for him. Giving an assorted box of chocolates is something that is timeless and classy, but it has been done over and over again. So, to spice things up, a bouquet built not from his favourite flowers but from his favourite chocolates will definitely make him feel like he has a special place in your life.

Is he a tech-freak? Actually, all guys will love this one. be stored, right from photos to movies to important files, one can never own too many storage devices. Yes, a pen-drive is what we’re talking about. But gifting a boring old traditional pen-drive is no fun. A pen-drive shaped like a pebble picked off a beach, on the other hand, is not only cute but also discreet. What’s more, it is perfectly functional as a storage device. This will also make the best gift for Valentine if you are confused what to give to him.

How many sets of keys does he have? At least a handful of them, which he promptly loses ever so often. One of the simplest solutions for this is to get him a keychain. But unlike girls, picking a keychain for a guy is not so easy. It needs to be big, masculine and chunky so that it’s not only hard to miss, but also a fashion statement when he whips out his keys. So, we thought of the perfect object to hang onto a set of keys- a Swiss knife or an Army knife! Not only does it look macho, but it also works as a miniature toolkit, for all those emergencies, and we are sure that he will not misplace the keys after this!

You can avail birthday gifts online with just a tap of the fingers and you can avoid the hassle of searching for long hours at the store. What’s more, they would be delivered to your doorstep at the time of the celebration so that your beloved can enjoy the best gift for his birthday.  

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