How to make your brother feel special on his birthday while you are away

Nobody likes to admit it but ever since we were born, we wanted a sibling. Our little brother is all that we ever wanted and their birthday is the most special day for all the elder ones. Such a special day definitely calls for a huge celebration. However, things become difficult if you are staying away from home in another city which is why we have put together some birthday ideas which would make your baby brother feel loved on the day he was born and make him realise how much you love him.

#1. The birthday eve ritual

You can ensure that your brother’s birthday is celebrated at exactly 12 AM. Ask your parents to decorate the house without letting your brother know. You can send a beautiful photo cake for him with the picture of the entire family on it. Seeing it, he will definitely miss you and wish that you were at home with him. You can also send him some party poppers and candles just to make him realise that he will always remain your baby brother.

#2. A birthday gift

Send him something that he has been asking you for days now and you just wouldn’t listen because you were waiting for his birthday. Send him as many gifts as his age comprising of all the items that he wanted from you. He will feel so pampered when he sees his bed filled with birthday presents. You can also find birthday gift for brother online and get them delivered to your house in a day.

#3. Show up and surprise him

Your brother might not show this but he really adores you and misses you. You showing up at the door on your birthday will by far be the best birthday gift for him. You can also take some gift along with you such that when he opens the door he finds you standing with his birthday gift in your hand. He will give you a tight hug and be really happy.

#4. Organise a scavenger hunt for him

You can prepare riddles for him and ask your parents to hide it all over the house. As and when he keeps solving one, he will move onto the next, and each riddle will take him to the place he really likes such as his favourite restaurant, the park he plays football or his friends he plays football with. He will be really excited and happy about it, trust me.

These are some ways in which even by staying away, you can make your brother feel as though you are with him. You can also book his tickets and call him wherever you stay so that you two can celebrate his birthday together. Happiest birthday to your brother!

In case there are any more ideas that you would like to add, do mention them in the comments section below.

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