Latest Trends in Indian Weddings

An Indian wedding is filled with rituals and customs. Arranging a wedding can be pretty difficult. Even the most organized person might exhaust herself/himself trying to find the perfect way to add glitz to the wedding. However, the trends of Indian wedding have changed in present times. These wedding trends are ideal for adding a personal touch to the celebration. Take a look at some of the trends that are becoming popular with time.

Return Gift

Return gift items for marriage are given after the wedding ceremony is over. This is great way of thanking your guest for attending the wedding. The wedding ceremony can never be complete without the presence of the friends and family members. Moreover, a wedding return gift will also help in reinforcing the personal connection with your relatives and friends. The marriage return gifts show that you care for tour guests. A return gift does perfect justice if the wedding has been planned in a chic and classy way.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Bachelor/bachelorette party has been a part of the western wedding culture for a long time. However, this is now being adopted by the Indian wedding couples as well. This gives the bride and the groom a chance to let loose before they settle down with their partner. The bachelor or bachelorette party is usually planned by the friends. The party celebrates the life that you had before marriage. This is period to take time and reminiscence about the wonderful experiences that you had. Thus, the event is lot more meaningful than you know.

Sending Save the Dates

Another trend that has taken over Indian traditional wedding is sending out save the dates invites. Save the date cards are another thing to add to your wedding budget. These cards serve as form of communication when you have to announce the engagement. As a matter of fact, it will also enable you to introduce your wedding theme. Moreover, you will also be able to communicate the details with the help of these cards.

Cakes at Reception

Indian couples are also adopting the trend of wedding cakes. This is one of the best things couples can choose to include on their big day. If you keep a cake at the reception, it will help in making the wedding more memorable. The bride and the groom feed the cake to each other as a symbol of starting their new life. The cake is then distributed to the guests so make them a part of their happy beginning.

Live Music

One of the best ways that couples undertake for making the wedding special is to hire live music band for entertainment. Everybody knows that music is the key to every celebration. Dancing to the music is a great way to enjoy the day of your wedding. The guests too enjoy the performance and take part in dancing.

Thus, there is lot more to a wedding than just outfit and the venue. Discover new and unique ways to make sure that your wedding is a special one. You can look for new ideas over the internet to make the event a memorable one.

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