Be aware of reasons that can form dandruffs

Dandruff is quite a common occurrence these days. In order to treat dandruff issues there are lot of remedies on which one can depend. There are some natural remedies and then there are some medical remedies. In case of passing and seasonal dandruffs (which are mostly mild in nature), the home remedies can be quite effective. But if the dandruff formation is heavy then one needs to use something which is medicated and strong.

Hence, one needs to be sure about the best possible solution there. One needs to look out for medicatedanti dandruff shampoo in India which can be of great help. But in many cases one has sensitive scalp and hair. So, one cannot be harsh on them as well. Choosing a mild medicated shampoo can work here.

Going for ketoconazole shampoos is a great idea as they are made to treat fungal infection that emerges on or around the scalp. In some cases a healthcare professional can also recommend the usage of ketoconazole shampoos.

What is it?

This is a red or an orange liquid which can treat the fungal infections effectively. They also do not trigger any harm and one can easily avail them from any medical stores. Apart from this, one can also use other organic and gentle anti dandruff products with the right ingredients in it. Organic products are great for the dry scalp.

What triggers dandruff?

Before on decides to take on the path to choose the right and effective shampoo one needs to know what the major reasons that trigger the dandruff formation are. Here are some causes:

Genetic predisposition

Though this is not entirely true but different aspects in human bodies are hereditary and they might lead to dandruff formations.

Hormones issues

It is true that oil is something that can keep the scalp moisturised. But massive production of oil is also dangerous because it can trigger the development of fungus called Malassezzia which can also activate dandruffs. This upsurge of oil secretion is the result of hormonal imbalance.

Diet can cause dandruff

If one has a diet filled with high sugar content then it can lead to dandruff formation. This is because; sugary items can boost the overgrowth of yeast. Sugar intake can also diminish Vitamin B which is an anti dandruff component. So, one needs to be cautious about what they eat.

Keep a check on your stress

Stress coming from long working hours and other personal pressures can aggravate hormonal imbalance in the body. It can also stimulate the inflammatory chemicals. This seriously impacts the regular function of a scalp.

Hair colour

If one is regular in applying hair colour then it can lead to dandruff formation. Harsh chemicals, like dye can annoy the scalp and can trigger dandruff problems.

Pathetic hygiene

If one does not maintain hygiene properly, then sweat, filth and oil can accumulate together to form dead cells and white flakes. That is why; one needs to keep the scalp and hair clean.

One needs to use the best medicated shampoo for dandruff in India at least thrice a week to fight back heavy dandruff issues.

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