5 Back to College Must-Haves in your Backpack

College is stressful at any stage, making it tough to always remember what to take with you when you know you have a long day ahead of you.

Experts respond below with their insight into the must haves for college students to carry in their backpacks that will make their experience much more manageable.

1)  Mini lint roller/bleach stick

No two days are the same when in college, as some days you should have one class and others you could be there for the whole day. This means you need to be prepared for many different situations, including looking presentable at any given time. You might end up needing to speak to your professor that day or give a speech on the spot. In these cases you want to look your best even if you just rolled out of bed.

A mini lint roller and bleach stick are your best friends in college as they can get rid of pet hair and stains instantly, making you look much better than when you left your place. Their size is also a plus as you can easily throw them in your bag and leave them there all semester, and are at the ready whenever you need them.

-This is a great idea submitted by Ghana Sarfo, Brand Ambassador for Snatched Body.

2)  Noise canceling headphones/earbuds

It can be tough to always find a quiet space on campus to do your work unless you go to the library, but it’s often packed if you don’t get there early enough. This means having to find your own area and trying to make it as comfortable as possible in order to focus.

Noise canceling headphones or earbuds can help with this as they dull the sound around you, making it almost impossible to hear what is happening around you. This is perfect if you need to concentrate and not be distracted, and can make listening to music or podcasts much easier as well.

-This is a great idea submitted by Lucie Chavez of Radaris.

3)  A power bank

Nothing is as frustrating as not having an outlet to charge your phone or other devices when away from home. Oftentimes in college there are older parts of the campus that have less outlets to be able to charge your phone or laptop which can be frustrating. 

This is why having a power bank with you at all times helps to alleviate the stress you might feel from not having access to a power source. A power bank is small enough to carry in your backpack and helps to charge your devices in a pinch. You no longer have to worry about not being able to reach anyone or having your laptop die right in the middle of writing a paper.

-This is a great idea submitted by James Parsons of Content Powered.

4)  High protein snacks

It’s vital to always have snacks on hand in college as your day could end up being so busy that you don’t have time to fit in a full meal. Having high protein snacks with you makes it easy to fuel up and it will help to keep you full long enough until you can get a proper meal.

Protein bars, nuts and seeds are great examples of snacks to have with you at all times, and can be kept in a container in your bag without spoiling for a very long time.

5)  A large reusable insulated water bottle

Hydration is super important, especially when walking around all day to get to your classes. It might not always be easy to stand in line for a bottle of water though, which is why it’s best to keep a reusable water bottle with you every day.

The best type of water bottle is one that is reusable and can hold at least 32oz of water. An insulated bottle will keep your drink cold for the whole day, and a bigger bottle means less refills throughout the day. Having your own water bottle makes it much easier to get water into your body, especially since most campuses have fountains or refill stations that make this process a breeze.

-This is a great idea submitted by Dayna Jackson of Wholesale Sparkle.

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