Being a curly woman is a journey that requires a commitment to care for and keep your curls in the best and worst of conditions. 4c hair looks good but it is also quite hard to maintain and keep moisturized. 

According to hair experts, maintaining the 4c hair is easy if you use the best products and the best oil for 4c hair. But hair oils and products are not enough. You should keep good care of your hair by following simple tips and tricks.

The density and porosity of 4c are different as they have tightened structures. Here are some characteristics of 4c hair.

4 Basic Characteristics of 4C Hair 

  1. 4c hair retains moisture poorly and dries out more easily than hair with looser curl structures.
  2. Hair in the 4c range is sensitive to thinning. It has the ability to shrink by up to 70%.
  3. 4c hair is extremely sensitive and prone to breakage.
  4. 4c hair is sensitive to tangling and sticking if not properly cared for.

Important Tips to Maintain 4C Hair

Deep Condition Your 4c Hair To Keep Moisturized 

As moisture is so important in 4c hair, so deep conditioning comes first. Deep condition your natural hair every time you wash it. Even if you decide to compromise on your hair, be sure to deep condition it. It’s the first step in 4c hair care since it provides the proper amounts of protein and moisture to your hair.

Avoid Washing Regularly 

When it comes to deep moisturizing, don’t over-wash your 4c hair.

The more frequently you wash with shampoo, the more moisture you lose.

Hair will become weak and cracked as a result of this. Instead of cleaning your 4c natural hair every week, wash it every two weeks.

Use Sulphate Free Shampoo

When it comes to 4c hair type, you should avoid harsh shampoos that include sulfates. Moisture is essential for 4C hair. Using a sulfate-free shampoo to clean your hair and scalp on a regular basis will maintain your hair free of product construct and other impurities.

Avoid Touching Your Hair

Excessive combing, brushing, and style will result in thin hair and single strand knots, as well as breakage. try to avoid touching your 4c hair if you don’t need to freshen it up to your natural hair.

Detangle Your Hair Properly 

This is especially important for 4C girls since the tight curl pattern of their hair can cause hairs to twist and coil around one another, resulting in knots. Breaking occurs as a result of tangles, which delays growth. 

Detangle dry hair often and gently using a wide-toothed comb (don’t use a brush!). To help with the process and add slip, use a conditioner. Instead of tearing out the knot, gently brush the hairs out with your fingertips as you find them.

Cut The Split Ends 

Split ends form over time and are exacerbated by certain conditions such as heat. Holding on to dead ends, as much as you may want longer hair, is not the way to go. The ends will eventually break off. You’ll be in a panic since it appears like you’re losing a lot of hair.

Wear a Velvet Scarf or Cap to Sleep

Wearing a velvet scarf or cap to sleep can help protect your 4c hair in addition to a protective style. All of the moisture you put into your natural hair will be preserved until the next day.

Avoid Too Much Styling 4C Hair

Styling products can dry out your hair, build upon your scalp, add weight, and so on. Hair breakage can also be due to excessive brushing and styling. Choose styles that require fewer styling products or alternate between high and low manipulation styles to give your hair a break.

Use Leave-in Conditioner 

Apply a 4c leave-in conditioner to your hair. The leave-in conditioner should come in the form of a hair spray, so you may spray it on your natural hair with ease. To maintain your 4c hair controllable, silky, and hydrated, use this leave-in conditioner spray at least three times a week.

Massage Your Scalp 

Massage your scalp with extra virgin olive oil or grapeseed oil to maintain it healthy and encourage hair development.

This increases blood flow to the scalp, which promotes hair growth. Find the best oils for 4c hair.

Best Oil For 4c Hair 

Oil plays a vital role in the 4c hair care routine, choosing the right hair for massage or hair mask is important. While choosing the oil give preference to the best oils for 4c hair

10 Best oils for 4c Hair

  1. Avocado oil 
  2. Moringa oil
  3. Jojoba oil
  4. Lavender oil
  5. Neem oil 
  6. Castor Oil
  7. Extra Virgin Oil
  8. Sweet Almond Oil
  9. Cold press coconut oil 
  10. Amla Oil


Maintaining the 4c hair will become easy if you follow the given tips properly. Choose the best oil for 4c hair and the best shampoos and deep conditioners.

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