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Six creative ways to showcase your digital portrait

Whenever you would think of bringing home a painting or a portrait, the first thought that would come to your mind would be to hang large paintings on the walls. It has been a timeless and classic way of showcasing art, but also too mainstream and old school. As everything is evolving now, and change is the only constant, you should change the ways of displaying such artworks too. Moreover, do you know that these days you can also lookout for some unique options like a digital portrait? You might have admired traditional painting for a long time and interestingly, digital art is not much different from it! Digital painting demands the same creative skillset by an artist along with a good knowledge of certain software. With the help of digital strokes, your paintings will be lasting longer than before and will have a more realistic touch to them. So, OilPixel, a digital oil painting company suggests you bring home one! Another concern is that sometimes, you don’t want to keep the paintings confined to walls, you look for some mobile options too.

Here are six creative ways to showcase your digital portrait distinctively.

1. Mini-Home Gallery With the Help Of Different Paintings

four Digital Portrait portrait frame on a wall

One big advantage of showcasing art at your homes would be that simple pale walls would look stunning once a concept like a mini-home gallery is used. This is very easy to get done and also invited a perfect way of painting the accent panel. Digital paintings look elegant and natural enough even if you style them up with various other wall art. You can go for a combination of canvas paintings instead of just one kind of painting. We would suggest you go for framed photos, mirrors etc. You can also go for a digital oil painting with mixed media effect which would bring depth to your minimalistic space.

2. Your Favourite Quotes and Poems On the Wall

Quotes and Poems on the wall

(Image Source: WallMantra)

Instead of just owning portraits of you and your loved ones, you can also show some love for art via owning abstract art and also some inspiring quotes, poems, or even your favourite lyrics. Choose some beautiful fonts and bring intrigue to your space. Along with pictures, such write-ups build a strong personality. So, search for some quotes, get them painted on a canvas and preserve them well for years. Get many quotes framed, keep the frame size small and create a group of them.

3. Make a family tree on the wall showcasing different generations

Family Tree on Wall

(Image Source: Amazon)

This can be another innovative way to showcase a photo into a digital portrait. You can create a wall that showcases a beautiful family tree along with the generations. For this, if you feel that the photos of your forefathers might be worn out, then you can avail photo restoration services. In this way, you can put these pictures on your wall and paint a family tree around these pictures. You can also explore your own artistic side with your own hand painting.

4. Soft Copy of Digital Portrait

Showcasing a digital portrait not only means by the medium of frame or wall hangings but also can be displayed through other parts of your house. For eg:

An Artistic Crockery Cabinet:
Painting on crockery

(Image Source: 1stDibs)

Have you ever thought of mixing art with a crockery cabinet to create a whole new look? If not, then do consider this unique way of displaying a digital oil painting. Such fancy cabinets will attract your guests and make them praise your creativity to put up art and elegance both so flawlessly. Since winters call out for some nice hot beverages and whenever your guests come over, you can surprise them with some distinct printed crockery items as well. This can help in initiating some great conversations and take you both back to some nostalgic moments. You can ask your digital artist to send you a PDF of the same, and then get the digital painting printed on the mug. This can be a cool way to portray some of your best-lived memories.

5. Paintings Along the Stairs In the House

5) Paintings Along the Stairs In the House

(Image Source: Three Little Birds on Instagram)

Staircases are said to be the spin of a house. It not only bridges together rooms but also some interesting memories and stories. These should be funky, welcoming and functional. So, if you are considering remodeling your staircase, then you can choose a digital portrait to decorate them. You can place the paintings around the walls of the staircase, you can even hang them around the staircase railings. Even if you use their soft copy, these will make great wallpapers when printed near your staircase. Go for some suitable lighting as well around them to give them a visual uplift.

6. Arrange Digital Paintings On a Floating Shelf
Paintings on floating shelf

(Image Source: Renovator Store)

If you are someone who loves the frequent change in your interiors and are also a lover of art, then this can be the perfect option. Having a floating shelf in your home can be unbelievably simple, cheap and can be installed and changed frequently. These shelves are best used for holding small objects. So, you can put small canvases of digital oil painting and flower pots on these. You can change them as and when you feel so. This requires very minimal effort and gives a stunning look to your homes as well as uplifts the art’s beauty. You can swap the paintings without any cuttings.

With this blog, we hope that you were able to get a better gist on how you can creatively showcase your digital portraits. You can also go on to hang your painting with some artefacts, go for a large painting with scone and spotlights etc. We highly recommend you to try and experiment as much as you can when it comes to displaying art. Everyone expects a large painting on the wall, but not some unique little ways as listed above. If you are looking for the best studio for portrait painting India, check OilPixel. Do let us know if these helped you in anyway or if you know have any suggestions or ideas too. We would love to read your inputs!

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