Lash Extensions and Acne Facials in Honolulu, HI

Looking for just the perfect place for a much-needed spa day before you soak up the rays in Hawaii? Why not look into filler injections in Kahala or a back facial in East Honolulu? Helen’s Haven Integrated Medical Spa in Honolulu offers just the pampering experience you deserve, with a full complement of services using the latest technology. Before you make an appearance on the fabulous beaches of this tropical paradise, you owe it to yourself to look and feel your absolute best.

With everything from medical-grade facial treatments to state-of-the-art body firming and cellulite procedures, Helen’s Haven offers a complete array of pampering options to fulfill every need and desire. If all you prefer right now, however, is a relaxing facial or some killer lash extensions, this spa is also the destination for you.

Lash Extensions By Ronnie

Lash extensions starting at $150 for a classic set are just the beginning of what Helen’s Haven offers; full volume sets are $250. See the lash magic created by Ronnie on Instagram @lashed_by_ronnie to get an idea of what’s in store when you go for that perfect lash look after a relaxing facial and massage at the spa.

Fillers begin at $70 while trial sets are the perfect option for those who are new to the world of extensions. Lashed by Ronnie offers everything you need for after-extension care as well, including special cleansers and makeup. Of course, brow and lash tinting are also among the full array of services at Helen’s Haven.

Body and Facial Waxing

The all-important body and facial waxing to perfect your look before hitting Waikiki Beach are musts; Helen’s Haven offers eyebrow-only waxes starting at $20 with a facial. An upper lip waxing with a facial is just $12 while the chin only is $13 with a facial treatment. A full-face waxing to rid yourself of those pesky downy patches is just $47 with a facial.

Body waxing treatments start at just $23 for the underarms; half leg waxes are $35 and full legs are $55, while backs start at $35. Bikini waxes are $30 and up, while a Brazilian bikini wax is $69.

Must-Have Back Facials

You may not spend much time thinking about the skin on your back, but you absolutely should. Helen’s hour-long back facials, or “backcials,” feature a cleansing blueberry and coffee scrub, followed by extractions of any blemishes that might be present, as well as steaming, which rejuvenates this often-overlooked area, as well as high-frequency acne treatment.

This latter process addresses the enlarged pores and acne breakouts that often occur on the back. The spa also offers an optional vegetable enzyme peel for that extra pampering that we all need.

Helen’s Haven Medspa Services Includes Fillers, Thread Lifting

Our physician at Helen’s Haven, Dr. Ammann, will speak with you regarding the many filler procedures available at the spa. After determining your needs and desires, he will advise you on just what treatments and types of fillers are best for you, including Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero, Voluma as well as others.

PDO Thread Lifting is another of the many procedures offered by the spa; the threads, consisting of protein, encourage the production of collagen while relaxing muscles and tendons, resulting in a visibly tighter and more lifted appearance of the skin. Smooth threads increase the volume of the skin while barbed threads cause a lifting effect.

State-Of-The-Art Cellulite Treatments and More

Let’s face it, few of us escape the dreaded cellulite that creeps up on us with the years. Helen’s Haven offers the most up-to-date treatments for this condition, including a new injection called QWO, using an enzyme that destroys the pesky collagen that connects fat cells to the skin.

After employing different machines and procedures to get rid of cellulite, the spa notes that this injection is by far the most promising treatment; judge for yourself by checking out their video gallery on the spa’s website.

You owe it to yourself to indulge in Helen’s Haven spa services, which include these and many others that cater to your every desire. Located at 4819 Kilauea Avenue #6 in Honolulu, HI 96816, the spa can also be reached at 808.739.0400 or by email at:

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