Julia Fox’s New Flying Saucer Brows

Julia Fox seems to be on everyone’s minds at the moment, and from her graphic cat-eye makeup (dubbed the “Fox eye”) to her notable relationship with Kanye, it’s easy to understand why she is such an enigmatic and interesting celebrity of the moment.

As a prominent model and actress, Julia Fox’s style is one to keep an eye on. Always ahead of the curve, her fashion-forward approach often shocks, delights, and even inspires new trends. Stay tuned, because her eyebrow sculpting may be the next big thing.

“Flying saucer brows”, as they were recently iconically coined,* may not be something you have heard of before – and if it weren’t for Julia Fox, we may never have been graced with their swooping presence. 

To start off with, her natural eyebrows have been strongly bleached, so that they’re almost invisible. This has clearly given Fox full creative rein to reimagine the possibilities of eyebrows. Seen sporting the radical look on June 16th at the Tribeca festival, Fox’s eyebrows were recreated using some strikingly dark eyeliner.

Connecting to the more traditional eyeliner flicks on her eyelids, the painted-on brows swoop up and around, lifting higher than they would naturally, and dramatically curve down towards her inner eyelid creases, stopping just before the bridge of her nose.

The effect is oddly ethereal; both elegant and outlandish, familiar yet subversive. This contradictory makeup gives her a look of child-like surprise; such are the height of her eyebrows. At the same time, it looks chic, coolly collected, and other-worldly, like something out of The Matrix.

It’s easy to say that this is her most exciting look since she went grocery shopping in her underwear back in May! Thus, sometimes less is more with the amount of material she chooses to don, and at other times, more is more with her headstrong makeup looks and all-denim or all-leather outfits. But you don’t have to be quite so all-or-nothing in order to copy this look.

To get the full eye-and-eyebrows-makeup look, the lids require a smokey eye, created with an eyeshadow palette of dark gray tones. It would also be recommended to lengthen and thicken the eyelashes, be that via a decent mascara, some glue or magnetic fake eyelashes, or via eyelash extensions.

The beauty (pun intended) of eyelash extensions is that they are more long-lasting, meaning lower maintenance for greater effects. They are semi-permanent, glued on individually by hand to your natural lashes.

They last anywhere between six and eight weeks, making them much more durable than mascara or fake lashes (which have to be removed and reapplied daily already). Whether you’re looking for eyelash extensions salon Vineland area, or are willing to put in the effort the traditional way, you can emulate Fox’s vivacious look. It is completed by bleaching the eyebrows and using a trusty liquid eyeliner to draw on the infamous arching brows.

Therefore, whether you’re more low-key with your fashion and are looking for classic eyelash extensions Vineland-way, or even searching out eyelash extensions salon Vineland, you can’t miss what Julia Fox has chosen to do next. It may provide some high-fashion, gob-smacking entertainment, or it may provide the necessary inspiration for your next daring night-out look.

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