4 Expert Tips On Dressing For A Job Interview

There’s so much to consider going into a job interview and your attire might not be at top of mind. But it’s important. We’ve spoken to hiring professionals and company owners for this piece, and each person mentions that attire is something they pay attention to during the interviewing process.

There are things that an entrepreneur and hiring agent can tell from what the candidate is wearing, so it requires some time and effort from the applicant beforehand.

Here are some tips below on what to potentially wear, what not to do, and how you should approach dressing for a job interview:

(1) Don’t Overdo It

Sean McPheat, a management training specialist and the CEO of MTD Training, had this to say about not overdoing it.

“While it’s important to look good and dress up for your interview, you don’t want to overdress for it. It could take you out of the right mental headspace and could actually take away from what you have to bring to the position. I know you don’t always have an understanding for what the company’s dress code is, but I don’t think showing up in a tuxedo for a job at a company that has a relaxed dress code is just going to take away from what you have to offer.

Dress clean, professional, and wearing something that can blend into a professional setting, but don’t go too overboard with what you are planning to wear.”

(2) Grooming is also important

Here’s a tip we’d like to offer you: It’s not all about what you wear. Grooming your facial hair, hair, and other things are also very important.

(3) Be Comfortable In What You Choose

While it’s important to dress professionally, it’s also important to be comfortable, says Edith Hamilton, Founder of NEXT New Growth.

“How you feel will usually show up in how you act, so consider that before your interview. Dressing professional and appropriate is important for you, but try and also find things that are comfortable for you as you travel to and also during the interview.

You should be comfortable in how you move around in what you wear, as well as how you sit. Also important is how you will feel around other people in what you are wearing, as well as how it makes you feel. People feel more confident in certain items, so find those items you like and roll with them. Just make sure you’re comfortable in what you wear, because an uncomfortable person will have an uncomfortable interview.”

Final tip: Is there a way you can understand the company dress code?

Ben Wieder is the CEO of Level 6 Incentives. He recommends you try to find out what type of dress code the company implores beforehand so you can get a better idea of what might be expected.

“If you can get a little ‘sneak peak’ before the interview on the type of dress code the company has in place, then you could really improve your chances of getting the job, especially if the company has some sort of unique dress code.

If you know someone working with the company, you can ask them. Or you could try getting a peak at what employees are wearing before the day of the interview (if that’s possible). Whatever it takes, it could be very beneficial to get an idea of dress codes and then be able to implement their rules into your attire for an upcoming job interview.”

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